Identity Governance

Identity Governance is a powerful and flexible enterprise identity management system that automatically manages users' access privileges within enterprise IT resources. Its flexible architecture easily handles the most uncompromising and rigorous IT and business requirements -- without requiring changes to existing infrastructure, policies or procedures. Identity Governance is designed to manage user access privileges across all of a firm's resources, throughout the entire identity management lifecycle -- from initial creation of access privileges to dynamically adapting to changes in business requirements. Because of Identity Governance's innovative design, enterprises can elegantly incorporate necessary business changes at minimal cost, while avoiding enforced customization that might be necessary with other provisioning systems.


  • Oracle Identity Governance
  • SailPoint Open Identity Management Platform







Middleware Architecture & Design

The bedrock of an agile, scalable and high-performance Java middleware infrastructure is the architectural design that underpins it. Whether services and applications are destined for the cloud, to remain on premise, or to be at the core of a hybrid strategy, our middleware consultants understand the challenges facing businesses in an evolving technology landscape.


  • Oracle Weblogic Server
  • Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud
  • IBM WebSphere
  • RedHat JBoss EAP
  • Apache Tomcat

Middleware Solutions

  • Oracle SOA Suite
  • Oracle BPM
  • Oracle Forms & Reports
  • Oracle Identity Management
  • RedHat JBoss Fuse

Security & Compliance Solutions

We provide multi-layered security including controls to evaluate risks, prevent unauthorized data disclosure, detect and report on database activities and enforce data access controls in the database with data-driven security. Capabilities such as on-line and off-line tablespace conversion options provide flexibility while deploying encryption, while database privilege analysis helps reduce an application's attack surface. Providing unprecedented defense-in-depth capabilities to help organizations address existing and emerging security and compliance requirements.


  • Oracle Database Vault
  • Oracle Audit Vault & DB Firewall
  • Oracle Enterprise User Security
  • Oracle Key Vault
  • Oracle Advanced Security


About Us

We have been a solution partner to our clients since 2013.

We aim to provide our customers, an innovative, secure, scalable and sustainable Devops infrastructure including middleware and cloud solutions. Regardless of your sector, our experienced consultants will advise you to position the right product to address your requirements.

Our Vision

To advise and place the correct solution that will help you

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